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We have been customers with Libby Maid for the past two and one half years and are extremely satisfied with their services. They are NOT what one would call superficial cleaners. They will NOT work around things but will get into hidden spaces by moving items such as pictures ,furniture etc. Libby Maid is definitely the BEST service around. They take pride in making your home extremely clean and one you are happy to come back to. Their employees are truly professional and dependable. They have truly met and exceeded our expectations!

Nancy S. - Celebration, FL


After 10 years of working with Libby Maid, I have only wonderful comments to share: They are always interested in feedback to ensure that the quality of the cleaning team is up to par and meets my needs.

Over the years, I have worked with several different Libby Maid teams of women, all of whom are lovely and have been a pleasure to have in my home. They are reliable, honest, hard working and do an excellent job of cleaning.

I highly recommend Libby Maid to anyone looking to have a team they can trust help clean their home.

Loren L. - Maitland, FL

The team at Libby Maids does a great job. They are very reliable and will do whatever I ask them to do. They even get on a ladder and clean the tops of the shelves. The management cares about quality and about having satisfied customers. They are very responsive to any suggestions. When Libby Maids is finished, my house looks like it is a hotel room. All the towels and tissues are nicely arranged. The house smells fresh and clean. It is a pleasure to work with Libby Maids. I have been a customer for almost 5 years and would highly recommend them.

Helen A. - Orlando, FL


I have been using Libby Maid for over ten years. They are always dependable, I can trust them in my home when I am not there and they always do a great job! Love the staff and the owners. You will not find a more professional cleaning service.

Cynthia P. - Oviedo, FL


I've been using Libby Maid for many many years. The service I receive from libby maid is exceptional! They do great work and are extremely professional!

Heather J. - Sanford, FL


Libby Maids provides the best service! Not only are they consistent, prompt, and efficient, the quality of their work is above and beyond any other company I had ever tried before. They pay attention to detail and leave all surfaces sparkling! The employees are very kind and trustworthy. Once you try Libby Maids, you won't need to look anywhere else!

Aimee S. - Baldwin Park, FL


We've used Libby Maid for many years, and they've always provided great service, along with honesty and consistency. I never hesitate to leave them alone in my home; they've even found valuables that I'd misplaced! My house is always sparkling when they leave. I completely recommend them for any size job.

Liz G. - Maitland, FL


I have been using Libby Maid for one year. They are reliable, honest, friendly, and very professional. When they leave my house is sparkling clean!

Marie J. - Winter Park, FL


While some home cleaners push around the dirt and dust, Libby Maids gets the job done. It's consistent. Everything is clean in a reasonable amount of time. I wish I'd be able to say they handle all our special requests, but in the decade we've used them, we've had no special requests because everything is done perfectly. Also, they are super nice! Any scheduling changes are handled with a breeze. There is no better cleaning company around - once you use them, you will see!

Brian S. - Orlando, FL


I have used Libby Maid for many years. They are very reliable and I trust them with my home. They are super easy to work with! I highly recommend them!!!

Wendy W. - Lake Mary, FL