Residential and Commercial
Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning


  • Dust, vacuum and/ or wash floors.
  • Dust window sills, doors, blinds, picture frames, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves, ceiling fans and baseboards.
  • Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets.


  • All bed linen will be laundered and changed.
  • Complete dusting including mirrors, night tables, dressers, ceiling fans, lamps and under beds.
  • Carpet or area rugs will be vacuumed and floors will be washed.
  • Baseboards wiped down


  • Clean, disinfect and deodorize showers, bathtubs, vanities, mirrors, sinks and toilets.
  • Wash and scrub floors, tile walls and polish chrome.


  • All furniture including glass and wood tables will be dusted and polished.
  • Carpet or area rugs will be vacuumed throughout.
  • Floors will be vacuumed and washed.


  • All furniture will be dusted and wiped.
  • Carpet or area rugs will be vacuumed and floors will be washed.
  • All electronic equipment and knick-knacks will be dusted and cleaned.


  • Clean appliances, cabinets, table and chairs.
  • Sanitize and scrub counter, sinks and back splashes.
  • Clean interior and exterior of stove, refrigerator, microwave and toaster.
  • Wash, dry and store dishes and glasses.


  • Laundry service with proper folding of all clothes and linens are offered.
  • All laundry will be washed and folded the same day.

* Our service can be adjusted to meet your needs and if you are ever less than completely satisfied with Libby Maid Service, call us within 24 hours, and we will gladly remedy the situation free of charge.